Solarpunk Blue is a place for stories to imagine an equitable and sustainable world in our near future. This solarpunk is blue not green. We contemplate what it will take for humanity to change itself, not just with “green” technological patches but in the deeper ways that humanity has struggled with for millenia. Solarpunk Blue focuses on the crucial social systems coming into place under a solarpunk revolution.

Solarpunk Blue is a space to propagate stories and ideas centered on transitioning to a fair and sustainable world. We seek to do this by making people think of all the small assumptions they make about where we are in humanity’s development and what changes—small and large—we can make to move our world forward into a better future. In every solarpunk setting there is bright eye-catching green in the foreground: trees, farms, vine-covered buildings. But in the background, undergirding utopia there is blue: clear sky, fresh water. The fundamentals needed for life to flourish.

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Will Stedden writes the commentary and fiction for this site with help from his community to understand and process everything going on. All work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0. You may reproduce and modify as long as it retains an attribution to the original source, and you make it free to continue to share your derived work under this same license as well.